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Here’s a huge list of links.  Some will work at school, some won’t. Type where your teacher directs you or look around — either way, have fun!


  2. Learn 2 Type
  3. Learning For Kids
  4. Multiple Keyboarding Links
  5. Finger Jig
  6. Ten Fast Fingers
  7. Power Typing
  8. TyperA
  9. One-Hand Typing
  10. Typing Web
  11. How to Type Spanish Characters on an English Keyboard
  12. Peter’s Online Typing Course
  14. ABC ya
  15. BBC Schools Typing
  16. Dance Mat Typing
  17. Touch Typing
  18. Type Online
  19. Krazy Keyboarding for Kids
  20. Type Me
  21. Online Bubbles - Choose game settings and click on PLAY GAME
  22. Typing Exercise
  23. Keyboard Challenge
  24. Keyboard and Typing Tutor
  25. Custom Typing Free Demos Soccer
  26. FunSchool’s Type Me 
  27. Barracuda
  28. Alphabetic Rain
  29. Word Trees
  30. Mr. Kent’s Typing Tutor & Tests (with Balloon Blast)
  31. Touch Typing (Senselang)
  32. Typing Tutor
  33. Topsy
  34. Letters Typing Game
  35. Crazy Monkey’s Word Shoot
  36. GLENCOE online keyboarding
  37. Super Hyper Spider Typer (requires Flash)
  38. Typing Lessons Kenston
  39. The Typing of the Ghosts
  40. Kids Typing Game Netrover
  41. Foggies Typing
  42. Krazy Keyboarding for Kids
  43. Keyboarding Practice CJH
  45. Gamequarium
  46. Aunt Lee Dot Com Typing Central
  47. KeyPractice / Keyboarding Links
  48. Using the Keyboard
  49. Fish Words Game
  50. Fowl Words
  51. Bubbles
  52. Type Type Revolution
  53. Airplane Typing Game
  54. Power Typing (Advanced)
  55. Categories Game
  56. Ghost Typing
  57. Krazy Keyboarding Lessons
  58. Nimble Fingers
  59. Type Online UK
  60. Keyboarding Practice Drills
  61. Peter’s Typing Course
  62. Typing Lessons
  63. Typing Test
  64. Simple Typing Test
  65. Simple Speed Test
  66. Glencoe Keyboarding Lessons
  67. Type Type Revolution
  68. Airplane Typing Game
  69. Fingerjig
  70. Super Hyper Spider Typer
  71. Cup Stacking Typing
  72. JPhantom Speed Test
  73. Web Wide Software 1-Sentence Timed Tests
  74. Free-Typing Test
  75. Good Typing
  76. Keyfast
  77. Typing Practice Sheets
  78. Typing Master
  79. Typing Pal 



(Never download anything without asking your teacher or parent’s permission.)









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