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Welcome to the 2020NEXUS web site. 

Keyboarding           Tech Integration          Gaming (The Learning Kind)


Please visit My Classroom for information on the following topics: History, Writing, Reading and English.  I am teaching only I.T courses at the moment so those pages may not be updated.


Seriously Fun Safety Games & Apps - ISTE Standard 5 Digital Citizenship

Week 6 Agenda, in PDF


  1. First Grade:  Hector’s World + Lee/Kim Activities
  2. Second Grade: Surf Swell/Booker’s Computer
  3. Third Grade: Professor Garfield’s Infinite Learning Lab
  4. Fourth Grade: Digital Passport Modules
  5. Fifth Grade: Team Project: 9 Elements/ISTE Standard 5



Week 5 ISTE Standard 5 Digital Citizenship

I have to be in Dubai for an Apple Training on Tuesday so be excellent for the guest teacher.  :)

AISA Portal Login Tutorial in PDF

(Don’t forget to change your password upon your first login.)

Week 5 Agenda in PDF


Week 4 Eid Al Adha

Eid Mubarak! We have class on Sunday and Monday only this week.

Let’s continue on Standard 5: Digital Citizenship.

Week 4 Agenda


Week 3: ISTE NETS-S #5 Digital Citizenship


Week 2 Agenda 2015-2016 Grades 1-5 Computer Classes

We spent our IT class time this week on testing all our logins and writing them on an index card for safekeeping.  Grade 1 had a simplified version of this.

Grades 3-5 Card Format











Grade 1-2 Card Format 






QR Codes for Open House

Our school open house is this week so I made up a new QR code to help parents find my site.  I will post it, as usual, right outside my door.  Of course I will have one inside as well.   Here is a sample.  There is a lot more you can do with QR codes besides offering your contact information.  I hope to post about that and using augmented reality in the near future.


Week 1 Agenda, Grades 1-5

Here are our first  back to school lessons as Week 1 PDF.  We are getting to know the lab, each other, routines, etc.  We hope to make SnapChat-styled selfies which include our Six-Word-Stories about ourselves, our lives, our loves, our goals, and the things that matter to us.  Sample:


SAMR Model of Technology Integration and Thinking Levels

The other presentation I prepared for our teachers is about the SAMR Model of Digital Integration.  Here is the SAMR Intro PowerPoint Online and here it is as SAMR Intro PDF.


Sylvia Duckworth’s SAMR Model


ISTE NETS for Students: Digital Standards for a Modern Age

This week I am giving a few of the before-school-starts professional development sessions, one of which is about the International Society for Technology in Education’s National Ed Tech Standards - Students.  Here it is as a PowerPoint:   ISTE NETS-S INTRODUCTION  and as the original Google Slideshow.


Preparing for an iPad Rollout Has Our Wheels Spinning...In a Good Way

Here in my private international elementary school we are handing out new iPads to our teaching staff tomorrow in preparation for next August’s iPad official rollout.  Every teacher will have an iPad to use in the classroom and our 4/5 Grades will be BYO iPad for the students.  We want them to have time to investigate the iPad, the resources, and to get comfortable before they return from their summer holidays.  As you can see I’ve curated some resources from all over the web and iTunes to make their “packets.”  This will be given to the teachers after they have their unboxing and set-up training, and more importantly, when my administrator feels it won’t overwhelm them.  Please feel free to use the resources I have assembled.  Many thanks to the hundreds of educators who have gone before me on this path!