Agenda 13 - National Day Celebrations on Thursday
Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 8:25PM

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Happy American Thanksgiving on Thursday!  Trimester 1 Ends This Week.  

If you didn’t finish your Friendship or Ouch Story last week, finish it for homework. The web site addresses for the story forms are in Agenda 12 and 13 on the portal or below on the home page.

Don’t know how to find copyright-free images for your projects? Here’s how to do that and save them to your own USB stick (MPG4 Video).  Speakers are optional.

First Grade:  NETS-S 1: MAKE IT! Use tech to make new things to show what I know.   We are continuing in ANIMAPS and SCRIBBLEMAPS — we will make Home Tours around Abu Dhabi. Where will you will visit in Abu on your map tour.  Do you know your home address?

Second Grade:  NETS-S 1: MAKE IT! Use tech to make new things to show what I know. We continue the Book Trailers Unit this week.  By now you should have chosen a book.

Third Grade: NETS 1-MAKE IT!  Let’s get back to making our digital stories.  We have to practice Story Maps/Mountains and begin to outline our plots/

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Fourth Grade: NETS-S 6 Use it, NETS-S Solve it: Making Surveys in Google Docs and analyzing the results. This means you need a Google Account so I’ll show you how to make one.

Fifth Grade: 9 Elements/NETS Standard 5. Bring Your iPad to class!   PRESENTING Projects that we didn’t see last week.  Standard 2: Use Different Technologies to Communicate and Work With Others.  This will require you to know your Office 365 password and the password for your Google account.

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