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Agenda 12 

Agenda 12

On November 16 and 17 I will be absent because I am attending an Ed Tech Seminar in Dubai.

What’s Happening in Week 12

First Grade:  NETS-S 1: MAKE IT! Use tech to make new things to show what I know.   We are continuing in ANIMAPS and SCRIBBLEMAPS — we will make Home Tours around Abu DhabiDecide this week where you will visit in Abu on your map tour.  Do you know your home address?

Second Grade:  NETS-S 1: MAKE IT! Use tech to make new things to show what I know. We continue the Book Trailers Unit this week.  By now you should have chosen a book.

Third Grade: NETS-S 6 Use it!  I can show how technology works: Complete Showbie & Puppet Pals 2 by request from your homeroom teachers, then in 1-2 weeks we’ll be back to NETS 1-MAKE IT! 

Fourth Grade: NETS-S 5-Protect it! I can be safe, legal and honest with tech. Let’s correct our Digital Passport Packets together. Begin new unit: Making Surveys in Google Docs and analyzing the results.  This means you need a Google Account so I’ll show you how to make one a NEW way.

Fifth Grade: 9 Elements/NETS Standard 5. Bring Your iPad to class!   PRESENTING Partner Projects!  Then we will start a new unit this week for Standard 2: Use Different Technologies to Communicate and Work With Others.  This will require you to know your Office 365 password and we’ll revisit your Google account.

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