Week 9 Happenings
Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 10:11PM

Agenda 9 PDF

Thank for your patience while I was sick this past week.  Isn’t Mrs. Judy an awesome substitute teacher? Hopefully we can schedule some catch-up times for the Wednesday/Thursday classes who have missed due to short weeks, holidays, etc.

  1. First Grade:  Bring a small stuffed animal to class if you wish, it’s optional. We will try again to play Sid’s Safety Game the animals can help us.
  2. Second Grade: Assessment: Surf Swell Comics (Stories) About Web Safety are DUE. 
  3. Third Grade: Study the Cyberbullying and Online Safety sections of Professor Garfield’s  Infinite Learning Lab for a summative assessment.
  4. Fourth Grade: Continue Digital Passport Modules. HOMEWORK: Re-play any modules if you didn’t pass with at least 60%.  Mr. Wolger’s class will have an extra session on Wednesday morning at 8:50 in addition to their regular class.
  5. Fifth Grade: Team Project: 9 Elements/ISTE Standard 5.  In class we will work on our projects.


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