Agenda 7 Week of Islamic New Year
Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 10:47PM

Agenda Week 7

What’s happening this week in IT? 
(Wednesday and Thursday classes will do this next week due to the holiday.)

First Grade: Episode 2 Finish Hector’s World + Finish Lee/Kim Movie & Song. HOMEWORK: Bring a small stuffed animal next time.

Second Grade: Finish Surf Swell Comics About Web Safety/Play Booker’s Computer. Homework: none.

Third Grade: Finish Professor Garfield’s Infinite Learning Lab Quizzes (Part 1, 
Cyberbullying/Part 2, Online Safety. HOMEWORK: If you have not finished Cyberbullying and its quiz, catch up at home.

Fourth Grade: Continue Digital Passport Modules. Do “Privacy Share Jumper” this week. HOMEWORK: re-play “Twalkers” module if you didn’t pass with at least 60%.

Fifth Grade: Team Project: 9 Elements/ISTE Standard 5. Research Mini-Lesson about Keywords. HOMEWORK: FIND AT LEAST 3 EXAMPLES ABOUT YOUR TOPIC using what you learned about research.

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